Pam Custers, Relationship expert and Psychotherapist, 

invites you to join her on a personalised transformational journey. 

Clear a path for love to enter your life in 8 weeks. 

This is your moment to create the love that will move you from being single to opening yourself up to the possibility of finding The Right Love for you.

Are you ready to create space for love?

You know you are more than ready to have a meaningful relationship but for some reason it falls apart.

You may even have given up.

You know how to have good relationships but you can't seem to figure out how to connect in a good loving relationship.

You may have had relationships that have:

• let you down

fizzled out

left you heart broken

left you feeling cheated

lacked commitment

stopped being fun

lacked connection

What if you could access a step by step, personalised programme that could move you through from the stuck place that you are in right now to being optimally ready and open to 
The Right Love, just for you? Not just ready but able to have the insights and clarity to accept love.

I decided in that moment, that I wanted to enable people to 

make room in their lives for love. 

That was when I started to develop The Right Love programme. 

A programme for people to clear a path for love to enter. 

Not fast love, not onerous love, but slow, light and easy

This was when I put my eight years of academic study and my many hours of working with people into a transformational programme that gives you the ability to understand how you tick, what might be sabotaging your efforts and how to get you moving towards creating The Right Love for YOU. 

Why is that we need to wait until a relationship goes wrong before we start working out how to undo the complex mess that we have created? 

What if we went into our relationships with our eyes open?


About Pam Custers

Hello Love!

As psychotherapist I am forever amazed by the relational nature of human beings - from our very first breath we instinctively seek connection with another!  My clients all share the desire to be loved and to create a relationship where they can flourish.

Having submerged myself in the world of relationships and having worked with thousands of individuals and couples in the quest for relationships that flourish, suddenly I became hugely frustrated by my profession. 

I asked myself:

In this course I present a practical and powerful process that will help you to know yourself better and empower you to make healthy love choices by developing a course that is grounded in both psychological research and real-life experience. 

And presented in a way that is both easy to absorb and (more importantlyapply in your life.

I want to help YOU find The Right Love

With love,

Pam xxx


There is NO magic formula!

One size does not fit all. For this reason the process that you will follow will be as unique as you are. It is tailored so you will experience this as your journey and nobody else’s. I will walk alongside as you experience a deep multilayered approach.

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge, having spent many years studying psychology and relationships, places me at the cutting edge of understanding how relationships work.

I come with a breadth of experience gained from working with a diverse range of people face to face, each one unique but all having a longing to find love and to be loved. I have gathered all of this knowledge and am now going to make it available to you in the comfort of your own home.

Insight  Clarity  Love

Think of all the successful relationships you have with friends,
colleagues and family members for being yourself!

This feels good, an easy feeling that is uncomplicated.

Can we just celebrate this for a nano second?

You are already successful at relationships!

Let’s translate this to your love life...

The confusing thing is that somehow getting from this to the next level to find the relationship that gives you The Right Love. It gets complicated, frustrating or just plain hurtful.

"I am a very private person and I would never speak to anyone about my personal life, but I enjoyed working in depth, in the privacy of my own home. Knowing it was for my eyes only was reassuring."

Kate, 36


Join me now for a transformational exploration 

that will unlock your love potential and empower you to let love come easily into your life.

Personalised Programme:
  • 8 modules each applying a multilayered approach to bring momentum to your love-life
  • action-focused print outs that motivate and keep you moving forward 
  • videos accompanying each module, giving you the ability to understand and apply your understanding
  • using intelligent questionnaires to work out an action plan specifically designed for you
Powerful Tools and Exercises:

  • Power journal download with development-oriented exercises facilitating your inner development
  • Weekly dating action plan 

  • Relevant case studies to illustrate and clarify how others have applied these tools

  • Plus tools to make it easy for you

Private Members Group:
  • Have in-depth conversations with members on the module topics you care about
  • (Optional) accountability partnerships to help you achieve your goals.
Personal Development:
  • based on a tried and tested model of change to guide you step-by-step through the journey
  • psycho-education grounded in professional psychological research 
  • a one-to-one 45 minute session with top nutritionist and bespoke eating plan to activate your vitality and switch on your skinny genes worth £140

 Your 8 Week Virtual Love Retreat to activate your love 

potential and transform your life.

Helping you find exactly what it is that you need to unlock your innate ability to effortlessly attract the love that you deeply desire.

You will no longer “back the wrong horse”!

The Right Love is a personal development programme grounded in sound psychological research that will enable you to:

  • Discover subconscious patterns that are no longer useful 
  • Be empowered to make tiny tweaks that make a world of difference 
  • Rid yourself of the heavy baggage that can sabotage you
  • Enjoy the tools that will open your dating life up to its greatest potential
  • Understand how you relate to the world
  • Enjoy your life to the fullest
  • Create the love of your life

This personalised and unique approach gives you insights and clarity to create The Right Love for you:

The key of the course is its ability to locate the unique challenges that you as an individual face...

And then to shift your WHOLE way of thinking about love and relationships.
This is partnered with heaps of practical steps to apply in many areas of your life.

Including your love life! 

The Ultimate Relationship Life Assessment Guide

Your personalised assessment of where you are at this precise moment in the ten core areas of your life.


The Life Assessment guide enables you to start the process of thinking more deeply about your life. This valuable process enables you to start the journey of self-discovery by understanding what area may be impacting on your ability to find and keep The Right Love.


How to create the clarity that will give you laser focus to activate your love potential.

The ten sectors allow crucial insight into exactly which part of your life requires your attention.

Think about the ten pillars of your life in a way that gets you thinking more deeply.

Quickly assess the areas that are your strengths and locate those that may be hampering your efforts to find The Right Love


You will discover:


The Big Picture

Using a powerful technique you will discover:

Stepping back to step forward.

Discover how your family of origin plays an important role in your relationship life. Our past relationship patterns get repeated now. Some of the ways we relate to the world may no longer be useful. Gain inspiring insights that are personal and empowering.


How to apply this to your life.

You will become aware of unconscious patterns of behaviours that you take for granted.

Beliefs that may be sabotaging your best efforts.

Insights into the core strengths that you can make better use of.

A tool that gives perspective in order to construct a relationship that is right for you.

A bird's eyes view that enables you to discern what is useful for you now.


You will:

Making a Connection

Understand your style of connecting to others and use this to your greatest advantage.


Our earliest relationship sets in motion a template by which we view the world. It sets us up for life. The way we forge our attachments as a child impacts our love relationships as an adult.


Discover your attachment style and understand how you connect.

Understand how attachment styles differ and how it affects your dating to relationship transition.

Stop feeling like your buttons are being pressed when faced with the inevitable bumps along the way.

Make sense of your relationship template and avoid being held hostage to it.

Get clued in on how our style of connecting can be the bedrock of our relationships and how we can master its complexity to gain emotional fulfilment.


You will:

The stories we tell ourselves are the stories we live.


Once upon a time… Who is writing your life story?

How we relate to the world can be understood by how we perceive ourselves in the world. The vision we have of the world is based on our perceptions and these are constructed by some of the stories we hear about ourselves.

Are you the author of your life or are you living a script that was handed to you?

Getting ownership of your life script is to reclaim focus in your life.


Understand where your script has come from and decide if you wish to change it.

Decide if the role you are playing is helpful to your life.

Rewrite your story to live a life with a meaning you wish to have.

What is your script?


You will discover:


You will:

Past relationships are a springboard to the future.

Gain profound insights from your past relationships that can be the road map to your future. If we look at our past, with an eye that is neither blaming nor shaming, we can get an enormous wealth of knowledge.

What is past is past but it can direct our future. Let’s make sure we choose the direction we want to be heading. You may surprise yourself and thank your ex for the wealth of experience you have acquired. Let’s open this treasure chest.


Discover potential pitfalls and use these insights to leverage your future.

Locate your relational strengths in order to put them to good use for the future.

Understand that magical X-factor so that it doesn’t lead you astray! 

What is this thing called attraction? What floats your boat will sink somebody else’s. It is the irresistible pull that sets our hearts racing. More complex than the physical, attraction is the making or the very undoing of a relationship. It can often lead to sticky situations. Know how to handle it, and we can make wise choices that will lead to a successful relationship. You choose the fireworks or the slow boil.


The three levels of attraction so you start making wise choices.

Why attraction is so much more than physical.

The underlying reasons for your choice can often be the very one that sabotages love.

Why we may be looking in the wrong places for our deepest longing.

The difference between a healthy and an unhealthy attraction.

How to maximize your love quotient.

Attraction! Our subconscious magnet.

Finding the Gifts Your Ex Left Behind


Your time to flourish! 

You have activated a multilayered approach to integrate your inner and outer world. 

Master the ability to gain insights to the life you are leading, to achieve a level of being that does not only affect your daily life but more importantly creates your inner life.

Walk into the future you created. 

Let's celebrate!

Keeping on track, you will:


Clearing the way.

You will:

Time to detox.

By opening yourself to a future of your dreams, you will liberate yourself from your past. When we understand that negative baggage from our past gets in the way of our present relationships, we are able to change and create a different path forward. Enjoy the liberating process of letting go and the space it creates to go forward, in a way that is transformational. 

Release the ties that bind you to past hurts so you let go of all that is no longer useful to you.

Learn a simple technique that will unlock your ability to feel light and energized as you make a future which you desire.

Open your heart to all the blessings that are waiting to be counted, so that you can feel uplifted and ready to walk through the door to your dreams. 


THERE IS NO RISK TO YOU! I am so confident that this programme will transform your understanding of your love life and empower you, that I am offering a money back guarantee. All you have to do is send me all your completed homework at any point after three weeks. If you don't feel that you have got the value that you were promised, email me your homework and you will get a full refund. 

What this course is NOT:

Based on popular dating mythology

Passive, lonely and providing no feedback

Expecting you to have any bias in your philosophical thinking


What this course IS:

Unique in its grounding in psychological research

A toolbox that will help you learn, grow and have a deeper understanding of yourself

An exploration of big concepts that have been broken down into easy-to-implement steps


“It is not easy to say to yourself "I am not doing well in the relationship department". Thanks for putting all my negative baggage on its head. It is such a relief to stop looking for love in all the wrong places” Karine, 34

“Working with Pam has changed the whole way that I engage in life. I started off feeling defeated by my past relationships, then enjoyed dating and now, not mentioning any names, have been seeing someone for the past two months!” Tanya, 38

“This has been such a positive process it has impacted on all areas of my life. I have enjoyed the practical exercises and I have gained a huge amount of confidence.”Jo, 48

“I loved this course! I listened to the audios on my way to work. Then I worked on the action plan in the evenings.” Helen, 41

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